Cross Ply Repair Patch 360mm – PN052
November 7, 2016
Special Cement BL 225g W/brush in lid – CFC Free
November 7, 2016
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Universal Repair Units UP3 – UP12 – Sold Per Box


Universal Repair Units UP3 to UP12 in various box sizes.
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Rema Tip Top UP Repairs are intended to repair small puncture
injuries in the tread area ONLY of Passenger, Light Truck, and
Medium Truck Tires. They are designed for use with the Rema
Stem as a two-piece repair where the angle of injury exceeds 15
degrees angle.
They are suitable for use in Radial & Bias tires, both tubeless
and tube-type construction.
They may be installed in either Chemical (Cold) or Hot
vulcanization systems

Additional information

5125020-C – Universal Repair Unit UP3, 5125040-C – Universal Repair Unit UP4.5, 5125060-C – Universal Repair Unit UP6, 5125080-C – Universal Repair Unit UP8, 5125100-C – Universal Repair Unit UP10, 5125120-C – Universal Repair Unit UP12

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